Welcome to the brand new Kenilworth Twinning Association Website.

Welcome to the brand new Kenilworth Twinning Association Website.

Welcome to the brand new Kenilworth Twinning Association Website.Welcome to the brand new Kenilworth Twinning Association Website.Welcome to the brand new Kenilworth Twinning Association Website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Kenilworth Twinning Association (KTA)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are your twin towns? The twin towns of Kenilworth are Bourg-la-Reine and Eppstein, and we have a friendship agreement with Roccalumera.

Bourg-la-Reine is part of the greater Paris area, in Département 92 (Hauts-de-Seine) and is only 20 minutes away, by RER train line B, from the centre of Paris. This RER line also goes directly to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Eppstein is situated in the Taunus, about 30 miles from Frankfurt am Main.

Roccalumera is situated on the South-East coast of Sicily, between Messina and Taormina.

2. What happens on an outgoing visit? Outgoing visits are generally for four nights away when we visit Bourg-la-Reine or Eppstein, and five nights with the possibility of an extension when we visit Roccalumera. We are hosted by local families. A programme of events is organised, which generally includes a reception to welcome us, one or two social evenings together, a day excursion by coach, and time to spend with the host family.

We are also assisted with arrangements on arrival and return – our Eppstein hosts come and meet us at Frankfurt Airport, for example. The KTA Committee generally suggests which air or train links offer the best deal and invites members to make their own travel arrangements accordingly. Some members combine an outgoing visit with a holiday.

3. Do I have to pay for my meals during an outgoing visit? No, not generally, as it is the responsibility of the local Twinning Association and your hosts to ensure that you are properly fed.

4. How much money do I need to take on an outgoing visit? Very little. Enough to perhaps treat your hosts to a drink at some point during the visit, any souvenirs, and your subsistence while travelling to and from the twin town. Rail fare to and from the Airport might be needed when visiting Bourg-la-Reine.

5. What happens on an incoming visit? Incoming visits are usually for four nights. Our guests are hosted by our members, or other Kenilworth citizens who would like to offer hospitality to guests from our twin towns. Arrangements are made to meet guests on arrival, usually at Birmingham Airport, and to return them to the Airport at the end of the visit.

During an incoming visit the KTA usually organises a social evening, a day excursion by coach and another activity that everyone can be involved in. There will be time reserved for the host family to spend with their guests.

6. What will be expected of me if I decide to host during an incoming visit? To ensure that your guests are collected from their arrival point and returned on time to their departure point after the visit. To feed your guests at times when meals have not been organised by the KTA. This generally means breakfast and occasionally an evening meal. To ensure that your guests can attend the organised events if they so wish. You do not have to go on the day coach excursion yourself. We appreciate that some people may have problems hosting, because they do not have a car, or have work commitments, for example. However, it might well be possible to host if someone else were able to transport your visitors – please discuss this with a KTA Committee Member.

7. Do I need to be able to speak French or German or Italian? Obviously this would be helpful but not essential. Many of our German visitors and a number of our French visitors speak English, as do a few of our Italian visitors. A willingness to get on with your visitors, however, is more important. We do try to place English speakers with hosts who do not speak their visitors’ language. We do interpret where we can, and we translate important written information into the language of our visitors.

8. Will I be remunerated for hosting? No, but your guests will probably bring with them a present for you. You will, of course, not be expected to pay anything when you go on an outgoing visit, but you should take with you a present for the family who will be hosting you.

9. What do I do if I find I do not have similar interests to my guests? If this should cause a problem, inform a KTA Committee Member. Your guests can generally be integrated into alternative activities organised by the KTA or other host families.

10. If I go on an outgoing visit, do I have to host in Kenilworth? No. Obviously we do need people to host our guests during incoming visits to Kenilworth. However, it is also important to join in with the programme and meet our visitors, come on the coach trips and attend the social evenings, for instance.

11. Why are KTA members who go on an outgoing visit asked to pay a ‘subvention’? The amount of the ‘subvention’ is usually £30.00. This money is used to help the organising Twinning Association finance the programme of activities, entertainments and meals that they put on for you.

12. How is the KTA financed? Our activities are financed through membership subscriptions, which are currently £8.00 per person per year (our year runs from April to March), and by organising a number of social events throughout the year where a small profit is made. The Kenilworth Twinning Association receives no subsidies from Kenilworth Town Council. However, Kenilworth Town Council may occasionally see fit to pay for a reception for our guests from abroad, especially for an anniversary visit, 25 years of twinning for instance.

13. What sort of social events are organised? We have a varied programme of social events, and there is generally one most months. These vary from a skittles evening, American buffet evenings at a member’s house, a quiz with Fish & Chips, a sporting evening – croquet or pétanque for instance, a short walk followed by a strawberry/cream tea at a member’s house/garden in the summer, an annual Sunday lunch with the Mayor of Kenilworth in attendance, meals out at chosen restaurants etc.

14. How can I join the Kenilworth Twinning Association? To join the KTA please contact our Membership Secretary, Christine Williams   (chriswill8486@gmail.com), or our Chairman, Tony Jones tony@kenilworthtwinning.org.uk). We shall be very pleased to welcome you.